Roanoak. Time to introduce!

Do you like me? :)

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7 Years
Oct 18, 2012
Hi everybody!
My name is Roanoak and I just joined!

So, Hi! I would really like to make some friends here! Do any of you know the website called I love that website. I have an account on there as well. To PM me for help on CS {} go to your manual acount, click new messages, then click something that says send. You type in some words or question to ask me, and I will always answer whenever I get on! But, to send put this nae inside of it:


That is my CS username! So, I would like to meet you all, and I would LOVE it if you joined CS as well. :)

BTW, all of you epic peeps can call me Roan. :)

Thanks! Nice to meet you all! :)


Nice to meet you!

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