Robert or a Rita Rhode Island Red?

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5 Years
Sep 12, 2014
Hey All-

New to BYC and chickens too! Bought me a chick at the local farm feed store, a cute little Rhode Island Red.

Question is do I have a Robert or a Rita? It is 14 weeks old in the picture

Checked for the adams apple and can't find one!

I don't have RIR but I have six other breeds, all the same age as yours and the only ones with combs like that are boys. All the girls still have super small fairly colorless combs. Looks like you might hear some crowing soon. But then again like I said I haven't had RIRs before.

Robert all the way.
Cockerel for sure. You can tell from the pointy hackle (neck feathers), saddle feathers, patchy coloration, and large, red comb and wattles.

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