Rogue EE pullet - UPDATED!

Uppity Peon

10 Years
May 1, 2009
Willamette Valley, OR
The most mature looking of my EE pullets has been acting wierd today.


I had the feeling she was about to pop her first egg out. First thing in the morning she thought about hopping in the set of nestboxes on the side of the coop but then didn't.


Then at about 1 PM I heard a squawka-a-doodle in the side yard and went out. It was her, on the wrong side of the fence. I wondered if she had just layed an egg in the pavilion we keep the mower in, but I couldn't find it. So I herded her back into the back yard and closed the gate and watched as the hopped up on the picnic table and investigated the community nest.


Then I went in to get chicken feed and came back out to find her perched on the fence ready to go into the front yard. So once again I got her back in the back. She went inside the coop, into the little run and started mingling with the flock again. I put the feed away and took a phone call. I went back out and started looking for her, and couldn't find her. Then my neighbor informed me one of my chickens was in his yard, or had been. I spotted her in the side yard again. She went into a weedy area, then under the trailer. I said no, not and approved nest! I reached under the trailer and she scooted out the other side. I went around and she scooted back under the trailer.


I eventually decided to let her have her little victory. At least I know where to look when I see her out again.
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Now that's where she'll lay her eggs. One of my girls was acted that way just before she laid. Trying to escape and find a good place to lay eggs. And they don't know any better. They have no idea what is happening to them.

I am still waiting for my EE that look like your avitar to lay. I hope that they will be a pretty green. But I looked behind her ear...where they say that is what tells you what color they will lay and it's like a shiny, metalic white pink. So how knows.
Tadaaaaaa! My first EE egg! The one in the back is from one of the reds for comparison.


Found under the trailer. It had a smear of blood on it. It must have been an ordeal for her.
See. I told you.

Now how are you going to get her to lay in the nesting box???? Or maybe that will be "her" spot???
I thought I would move the trailer, but then she might find another hiding place. Under the back porch would be really bad. I better tack some wire up there to prevent them from getting down there. I'll do that and setup a perch in front of the shelving unit before moving the trailer.

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