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    I have a set of ply wood nest boxes that are already there and we think we might have an egg eater. I was wanting to know how hard it would be to add a roll away box under it. The boxes are about 8 or so inches off the ground and open to the coop. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    I would tip your nest boxes to allow eggs to roll in the direction and place you want the egg to end up at and secure it there.

    Imagine two inclined planes one shorter by the width of an egg than the first. This will allow an egg to roll down the false bottom of the nest box and on the tipped nest box and roll under the top inclined plane or false bottom.

    To put it another way:
    One false bottom cut to fit the bottom of your tipped nest box but shorter by the width of an egg this will create a space at the back to fall down on your tipped nest box bottom and roll away under the top false bottom . You would end up loosing about 3inches of head space in your standard nest box. The thinner the bottoms the less space you will loose.

    The top false bottom could be mounted on rails on the inside of your nest box and set in place as a friction fit.



    This Blue inclined plane would represent the tipped bottom of your standard next box. Let me know how you make out (I never actually done this.) Good luck.

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