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    Jul 14, 2009
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    We have a very nice,very like new roller mill for sale.No,this is not an antique type cast iron coffee grinder used to grind corn,but a specificly made and designed roller mill capable of rolling all types of small grains used for feedstuffs.It has two steel burr type rollers,one of which is adjustable to vary the amount of "crush" put on the grain.It has a feed gate which is adjustable allowing for more-less grain to go into the rollers.The larger this gate opening is made,the faster it will roll grain.It has a "hopper" on top that will hold about 2 bushels of grain to be rolled.It has a new Honda 9 HP Gas engine that is actually a little larger than is necessary.Don't let the corn dust fool you on the mill,,we have only rolled possibly 75 bushels or LESS of corn with this.The mill-burr housing is made of 1/2"-3/4" steel,the burrs on both rollers look as new as the day we bought this,at that time we paid $2800 for this.Shaft diameter on the rollers is 1 3/4" and the rollers themselves are 10" wide.If the gate opening is set wide open,and the rollers set about 1/2 open you can roll a 5 gallon bucket of corn in about 1 minute or less.This is perfect for the smaller back yard type poultry-small livestock raisers.By making your own feed when you want,you can cut your feed cost by close to 1/2.You also will know how old your feed is,compared to buying bagged feed in a farmstore.You can mix your own supplements to your own desired levels of protein.
    We bought this when our poultry flock was very high in numbers last year.We are downsizing now to mainly raising peacocks and don't justify owning this nice of a mill anymore.The engine has less than 10 hours on it,as does the roller mill.

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