Roo cut his leg


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Aug 22, 2008
I noticed my roo was limping this morning. I caught him this morning and he has a cut on his leg. If I put a band aid and some neosporin on it, will he leave it on? Or should I do something else for it.
You should consider separating him so that the cut stays as clean as possible while healing, and so that no one else picks at it. Neosporin is a good idea; hopefully, it's not infected. good luck! oh, if you could post a good pic of the injury, we could be more helpful to you.
I tried to take some photos. I can't get any clearer. It looks like one of his scales has been disturbed and he has a puncture about a centimeter away. I couldn't get that to show in the picture. It also has clear liquid coming out of it. It is not bleeding.
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I can't figure out how to put the picture in. If you would like to look at it I can email you.
I'm not sure, but I THINK clear liquid coming out of a puncture wound indicates infection; hopefully, someone with good experience with these things will come along & offer good advice. I couldn't see your pictures.

Do you have any Terramycin? It migh be a good idea to do a course of it to make sure the infection (if there is any) doens't go further in his system. Have you separated him? Puncture wounds often do get infected. Hope that's not what is going on with your boy.

Do you have any idea how he sustained the injury?
If you can clean it with a cotton ball or two dipped in salt water, dry it and neosporin it some more.

If you keep it cleaned out at least twice a day with salt water it will I'm sure heal up in no time.

Use your judgment on the neosporin.
IRichards - have you separated him?

Also, please tell us what you have in the way of medical supplies - something might work for this. Salt water won't do the truck. He needs something with antiseptic qualities. Do you have any betadine? If so, make a rinse of it (instructions are on the bottle) and get him cleaned up first. Do you have neosporin? Blu-Kote or Red-Kote?
I have no clue how he got hurt. He is free range so it really could have been anything. I don't have the antibiotics but will go get some.
Salt water was used way before betadine was invented. If she has it on hand great, if not salt water is going to draw out and clean out any bacteria.

Blue kote is a weak anteseptic and will help keep the flys off.

I doctored a horse this past spring with with a hole in his hip and a 1 inch deep 30 stitch long gash. He had antibiotics, and after the cleaning of the gash and hole with betadine and stitched up. The vet told me to do this.

And to do water therapy, do you know what that is.

This sounds like a minor cut on this leg. This roo will be fine.

I think I know what I'm talking about.

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