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    Jun 9, 2007
    i have an ee roo thats about 20 weeks latley he's started to mount the other hens and crow but very little, which i think is normal. he is also getting aggressive towards the others all hens as well. at feeding time he will just grab the others by the back of the neck and just drag them out of the way, i 've had to resort to 3 feeders now so everyone can eat in peace. he also will do the same neck grabbing and pecking hard and try to fight the others. they are starting to distance themselves from him while foraging now. he's a really pretty bird and i don't really want to get rid of him but i think i may have to. any thoughts on what to do?
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    In my opinion it's a hormonal thing...he's feeling his oats like any other teenager and should settle down.
  3. Yes I agree, he may be learning how to treat his women, its awful watching a beginner at work.
    My young roo also grabbed them on the back of the neck, he doesnt anymore, it took him 2 weeks to be gentle.
    Its very stressing for the hens from our viewpoint but I hope they realise whats going on.
    I guess thats the difference of getting an experienced roo versus a young one.
    hope he learns really soon
    good luck

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