Roo or Pullet? Too early to tell? Barred Rock 4 weeks old


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Apr 28, 2013
I have six one month old chicks (first time chicken owner). One of the barred rock chicks is different than the rest and I'm a bit concerned she may actually be a he. Her name is Chicki Minaj.

Chicki Minaj is smaller than all the others, but the bravest and boldest of them all. Napoleon complex? Her comb is less developed than the others, but it looks to be turning pink. Her legs appear dark and she seems to be similar color to the other pullet I have (so she has some female seeming characteristics, from what I've read about barred rocks). It may just be too early to tell, but I thought I'd see if anyone had any input.

Fred's Hens

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As they feather in, the dark ones are pullets, as they only carry one barring gene. The greyish looking birds, with the big, bold, white bars are the cockerels, as they carry two barring genes. At 5 weeks, the cockerels already show their pink combs and little, tiny red wattles under their beaks. It's pretty obvious. Hatchery grade pullets have very spotty, cuckoo type barring.

Side by side, your eyes get trained to see the difference. Over the next two weeks, it becomes obvious, once your eye is trained to see the difference.

True bred, heritage type Barred Rocks follow the same pattern, they are just slower to feather and develop.


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