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I have buff orpingtons and black australorps and the roos seem to be picking on each other to the point of severe blood loss. Is it a fact that the roos only have the large combs and wattles? What I call hens there are no large combs and no wattles that I can see. Please give me some pointers in telling them apart. John
The roos comb and wattles should be bigger and redder than the females. The females are pink in color and should have a smaller comb and wattles

BTW are these babies? When mine where 5 weeks old they where picking eachothers combs. Maybe because they did not know what they where. After I got rid of a few the comb has healed up
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The chicks are 6 weeks old. It makes me sick to see one picked to the point they don't care anymore. I am thinking of culling 3 of the 4 roos so this kind of thing stops. I tried moving them into the coop where they have lots of room thinking it was a space issue. 10 chicks in a 4x8 coop should be enough room. ( I think) John
Hi John,
I think a 4 x 8 coop will be a little small for 10 chickens.
I have read that each chicken needs a min. of 4 square feet.At 4 x 8 that is 3.2 square feet.
They should be fine until they are fully grown.With 3 less roos things might calm down.

My coop is 8 x 8 for 12 hens.
Just a newbies thought.

Good luck,

are many sites with many size requirement predictions. Virginia Coop Ext Service shows inside space at 2 sq ft per bird and outside at 8 sq ft per bird. I know a poultry farmer down the street that has what seems like 100's just roaming around and what I believe is way to little housing. I spend a lot of time helping there and am amazed on how well he does and how healthy his chicken seem. He spends most all his time with his chickens. He has a chair by the barn and just sits there drinking tea and watching the chickens.
6 weeks is about the times the pecking order gets put into place. The next round of bad fighting between roos will come at about 4 months or so... where some will grab and bite each other and just hold on exhausted if nobody gives up. I say keep it to one roo if you only have one coop.

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