Roo RIR, Brahma or ? and flock


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Oct 13, 2010
Ok, I was thinking that my big roo is a RIR. The hubby went to the local feed store today and checked our the new chicks and talked to the lady there. He says he is a Dark Brahma. Or perhaps we are both wrong.
We got him from a friend in July and of course thought he was a she. At the time he was the same size as the bantams, but as time passed he grew (a lot) and his true "colors" became apparent. He is still fairly young and his tail feathers are still growing.


Here's a shot of all of them in the pen. Two of the black ones did the old she/he switch too.

well, he's not a rir because they don't have leg feathers, nor is he a dark brahma because they are black and white and don't have that type of comb... mm.. i have no idea what he is, very pretty though!
He's a Cochin. Brahmas have pea combs and don't come in that color in the US, and Production Reds don't have that body type or feathered shanks.
Thank you so much for the replies.

I took a look at a search of Partridge Cochins and that's him in a mirror.

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