Roo with an injured wing


Apr 30, 2017
Joshua, Texas
A few of my chickens got out yesterday, I'm still not sure how. One of them was my feisty little roo. The three hens that followed him are ok. One i retrieved from my dog and other than terrified and covered in drool, she is good. Davey has a small injury on his wing, i cleaned it the best i could, but i didnt want to cause him extra pain. There is some dried blood under a feather and I'm worried the other chickens will peck at it. I have a XL dog crate... could i put him in the run with the chickens in that crate so they're around each other but inaccessible to each other? I currently have him in a pet taxi inside so i can keep an eye on him.
Any help from anyone?
Cleaning the wound with a saline solution/iodine and keeping him separate for a day before returning him to the flock should be ok. From what i can see it doesn't look too serious. As long as there are no signs of blood after you have cleaned the wound and isolated him for a day, he should he fine with his flock mates
You've done the right thing and he'll be fine as long as the wound is clean and there's no sign of blood.

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