Roo with deformed foot and spine


5 Years
Jun 4, 2014
We have an 8 mo. old Silkie Roo with a deformed foot and curved spine who sits close to the ground. We accommodate as things pop up, ramps, lower food and water dispensers and I carry him into the coop when necessary. He has much more energy for free ranging now that I re-homed the one other roo that we had. Has anyone else ever had a roo or chicken like this? What do you think the life expectancy may be with these issues. I was just curious because he'll stay with us as long as he lives anyway.
The prognosis is not very good at all, unfortunately.

What caused it might be zinc deficiency, that can cause curvature of the spine and leg issues: (down the bottom of the page)
Quote: Obviously it's too late to correct now because it happens while the chick is developing in the egg, the mother wasn't getting enough zinc. If it's zinc deficiency, that is. If it's not, well, it's anybody's guess how long he might live. If he's not getting around normally pressure sores and overcompensation injuries are pretty common and tend to lead to a spiraling loss of condition that results in death, unfortunately.

Good luck with the little fellow.

Best wishes.

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