Roo with runny nose- need advice!

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    Apr 30, 2009
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    Ok, so I have a roo that is almost a year old. I went outside this afternoon to let him out of the run and free range while I was doing some yardwork. While feeding him waxworms, I noticed a bit of what looked like water on his beak. I thought nothing of it- and figured it was just that- water. Well, he gobbled up the wax worms and a bit of shredded cheese and yogurt (his second favorite treat, and only given once in a while) Well, he went on to pick around the grass where I was working, and everyting was fine. Untill I picked him up to put him back in his run so I could leave. I noticed more of the clear-ish watery drainage, and he hadn't taken a drink lately. He hasn't been coughing, sneezing, or having trouble breathing- and his poo looks normal. His appetite is obviously ok [​IMG] He's been acting "normal" What could this be? Do chickens ever just get runny noses without there being a SERIOUS underlying problem? What should I do? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    ETA that he is an EE roo!
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    Apr 11, 2009
    I personally would give him some
    **wet mash probiotic with vitamins in it
    3 tbsp of dry crumbles
    1 tbsp of yguart
    5-1/2 tbsp of milk any kind
    add the vit's to this and feed him this
    twice a day
    and see if he will get better

    **ALSO this is important to do
    buy a bottle of VETRX
    and put vetrx on his head and under his wings
    and 1/2 tsp daily down his throat
    and 1/2 tsp in his drinking water

    do this daily till the bird is not having moisture at his nose
    also keep him away from hens and other birds
    do his chores last as you can carry it on your shoes and clothing and hands to the other chickens

    you can get vetrx from smiths poultry supply
    Ph. 913-879-2587 - 7:30 A. M. - 3 P. M CST Monday-Friday

    24-hour Fax. 913-533-2497
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    I have a chicken that occassionally has a wet beak like that, but it never lasts more than an hour or so. If it is all gone by tomorrow I wouldn't worry too much.
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    keep an eye out for any head or eye swelling, or wheezing or acting ill..
    keep eye on droppings..color and consitency.

    then he needs Tylan 50 injectible.

    wouldn't hurt to check his crop..
    best to check in the morning before he eats..
    should be empty or flat.
    feel for any lumps.

    it's possible he had just drank..and nothing to it.

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