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I went out yesterday and got all of the lumber to start my coop and run. I am planning a 12x7 all in one coop with a raised 7X4 coop. I am planning to do a garden style coop and am looking for the best roof to use for it. My plans have 2x4 spaces at 2' on center. I am looking at either metal or vinyl panels and was wondering which one is preferred by most people. I know the vinyl allows more light through but I am worried how it stands up compared to metal. I am also wondering if you need to put plywood below the panels. I have used the metal before on horse shelters and it does great just attached to the supports without plywood under it but do not know about with chickens. Any comments and suggestions are really appreciated.

I've only used the vinyl panels for side panels (to block winter wind). I love the metal roofing - as you said, you don't need plywood, it can be screwed down right onto the 2x4s...AND it's super sturdy. Didn't catch your area, but I also worry about hot summers with the clear vinyl panels...seems like it'd amplify the heat????
I, like, teach1rusl ,

am all about the metal as well. I secured mine to the 2x4's as well and no problems. you can also just do part of the run under roof, and they can get in the sun, or out of the rain. Here is what we did. Good luck, ....R
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Hi! We have a metal roof as well. So far so good. I like that it doesn't let the light in as we are in the south and it gets quite warm!

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