Roofless Nesting Boxes


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Oct 2, 2009
How high should the lowest part of the side be, if the nesting box has no top? And how much should it slant? It would help if you could say X inches bottom, Y inches top. I am making 16 x 16 inch nesting boxes.
I have triangular nesting boxes, open front & top. I think they are about 13"tall x 12"deep(back to front). they are double boxes so you can adjust the length as you want.

there is also a 2" 'ledge' in the front to keep the eggs from falling out.

ETA: along with the chickens, The duck hens really like these too.
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You're welcome everyone

for some reason All of the girls really love this style, I have had 2 ducks go broody in them and the chickens refuse t lay in any other boxes. hope your girls like them as much as mine do!
Hi! Newbie here and spend much time reading the coop threads. (9 girls..we hope.. to be shipped on June 14) Can someone tell me what the advantages of roofless nesting boxes are? Are the hens not so liable to go broody in them? I guess I pictured that they would like the dark and snug of the boxes with tops.
I've heard that the darker and more private you can make the nest boxes, the better. However, both nest boxes that I've designed have been roofless. It's just easier for me to collect eggs and I happen to like the look of it. We've been successful - no eggs laid on the ground in 2 years.

I don't know if a particular box design could keep a hen from going broody...

PS - Always remember to make the nest box lower than the roost to try to prevent sleeping in the boxes. If you have the space, put it at least 18-24 inches off the ground so that you can utilize the space underneath in your overall square footage.


I got a little behind on this thread but... I currently have 2 duck hens and 2 chicken hens brooding eggs in the style of box i posted pictures of. they just really seem to liek them. i was really suprised when the ducks went broody in them. I had made boxes specifically for the ducks but they just want the chicken boxes, lol.

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