Roost and Nest boxes


Apr 28, 2019
Hello again -I know, it's been soo long ok so - for the summer while rebuilding we built a roost thing-a-ma-jig outside and they loved it!- however checking on them tonight, 4 were outside on crates - which were removed -(neener neener I got to pet those ones since it was already dark)2 were on the top tier of the roost and the others were piled on top of each other - in the edge and in the one nest box that's on the end - how dare they!? Any suggestions to coax them that's a no no? Btw- the boxes are cubby style with open tops on the top row. Thanks for your input!
Pictures of your set up will help.
Are the roosts higher than the nest boxes and what are they made with? (pics)
Is there enough room for all of them on the roost board?
Does your coop have windows, so it's not dark inside?
I'm thinking we fixed the issue -i haven't checked on them tonight but will tomorrow and will let you know. Originally my hubby had a straight cut on the separators boards - he cut them to an angle cut today. I'll post pics tomorrow as well- thanks!

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