roost and poop board-how high and how far apart?

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    I would like to put the roost up as high as possible since there will be the poop board underneath and I want to put food and/or water under it (the more room there is the easier it will be to put them under there). The wall will be just over 5' and we'll have a 6" wide vent up near the top. How far below the vent should it be? If it's a certain height do I need to supply a ramp? And how far below the roost should the poop board be?
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    May 14, 2011
    Some of it depends on what kind of chickens. I hear silkies need a ladder. My large ladies would not do well with a roost to high.
    Mine is 33 inches off the floor and the poo board is 12 inches below that. Works good for us. I have 21 inches below the poo board. I don't put the food or water under there so I don't know if it would fit well.
    I have wired windows and they try to sit as close to those as they can get.
    Mine use the top of the nest box as an inbetween for getting on the roost and sometimes they use the poo board as a roost booster.

    As for the vent I would think you need the roost low enough so as to not have a draft blowing on them in the winter.

    I hope this helps.

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