Roost pecking SCARY Normal?

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    Oct 6, 2011
    I got a new rooster, and on the roost tonight he was being mean to some of the hens. He pecked one like 10 times till she got out of the way. And he pulled some feathers out of my other one because he wanted her to move out of the way. When they moved out of the way everything was fine. He didn't draw blood or anything, but it's disturbing to watch! My hens do this to each other too every night until they have the perfect spot. But I've never seen feathers get pulled out! Should I be concerned?

    I get extra scared with the rooster because he's huge. Buff Orpington. But during the day he is very sweet and not aggressive with the hens or humans. I actually had to put him on the roost because he was roosting outside in the yard attached to the chicken house. Should I just let him sleep outside? lol

    Help and advice please? [​IMG]
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    I wouldn't be to concerned. He working on his place in the pecking order. The hens were probably trying to stand their ground so to speak. If no blood was drawn, it all worked out. If the yard is predator proof, the choice of making him roost in the coop or yard is your choice not a necessity.
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    Sounds like normal behavior to me. Chicken society is short on niceties - he is simply defining his position as flock/pecking order boss.
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