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6 Years
Apr 10, 2013
OK... I've been working on my coop and am getting to the finishing touches. Still have plenty of time, since we just got the chicks last week and they will be in the house for a few more weeks. ok.. so here is the question....

My coop is roughly 4 x 6, with two nest boxes on each end. I have 3 silver laced wyondottes, and 3 buff orpingtons. Where should I set my roosts. I have a main door in the front, which will be inside the run when it is finished and a smaller door on the back. All the sides have something in them. .... Can I put the roosts above the nest boxes? (which are external by the way).

forgot something... I've seen posts where folks just use 2x4's.... are these breeds big enough for that, or would a 2x2 or a 2 inch dowel be better?
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They are definitely big enough for the wide side of a 2x4, as are any large fowl breed, IMO. I just don't believe they are comfortable on things as narrow as a 2" dowel. Chickens' feet don't curl aorund things they way most birds' do. Also, if you are in a very cold climate, sitting on their feet should keep them warmer. And I would be concerned about the square edge of a 2x2, with so much of their weight resting on 1.5" of width.

Lots of people put the roosts above the nest boxes when the nests are inside. Remember that about half the day's poop is pooped while on the roost, so depending on how you manage things, they could be walking through a bunch of poop to get to the nest boxes. Otherwise, there is no reason not to put the roosts above the nest boxes.

Six hens only need two nest boxes -- and will probably only use one. So you could put the roost across the front of two of them and close them off. You could make the roost at an angle across one corner. The rule of thumb is 4 hens to one nest.
Thanks for the info. I never thought of putting the roosts in the corner... I'll have to look into that, but I will probably just close off one set of boxes and put the roosts there.

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