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    how wide should the width of the roosts be? I have seen people post widths from 2" to 4". Right now I am using a 2x4 with the 2" side up. My pullets are 5 weeks old and are already roosting on it at night. So as they grow older would the 2 inches be too small for them to comfortably sleep on? Also my nest box ledge is about 5-6" higher than the roost but for now it is covered, but when I uncover the nest box do you guys think the chickens would rather roost on the ledge of the nest box?

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    Chickens like to roost HIGHER!

    I'm in Phoenix where it's warm. Mine roost on 2 X 2s with the edges smoothed and rounded They can stay cooler that way in the warmth.

    In cooler climbs folks like to have them roost on 2 X 4s with the four side up for warmth in the cold.
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    Two inches is fine for HI. The extra width is needed in cold climates where birds need to cover their feet to guard against frostbite.

    They may decide to roost on the box since it`s higher. I wouldn`t worry about it unless it becomes a problem or you decide to let a broody hatch chicks, in which case she should be in a seperate pen with the nest at floor level for easy return of the hen & chicks at night........Pop

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