Rooster aggression

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6 Years
Sep 3, 2013
Right now, in front of my eyes my sweet rooster killed one of my one year old hens
This is their living arrangement:
I have separated the "friendly, kind, gentle (about 3 years old)" rooster and the two older hens for one year. They formed their own alliance. Separate coops for sleeping.

They are separated from the two, one- year -old hens, of which, one of the older girls did not like.

They all free range on 35 acres in separate groups. Two- one year hens in one group and the other group, rooster, two- three year old hens and one of the one- year- old hens that the group accepted as one of their own.

I noticed fussing this morning between the aggressive older girl and the submissive one year old hen, after I opened their pens. So i kept an eye on them. Quickly, the rooster starts chasing the submissive one- year -old hen(from the other group) and i thought he was trying to mate. I didnt have a good feeling because he seemed so relentless, so i quickly followed to catch him standing on her head behind some shrubbery next to the pen. Done. Gone. That fast. So i found the other one- year- old hen who was her friend and promptly placed her back in her pen alone and protected from the rooster and the aggressive girl. What to do next?
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If one of my roosters kill my hens, I'll turn him into chicken pie. Sorry, it's probably not what you want to hear, but it is completely unacceptable behaviour. Roosters should look after their flocks, not hurt or kill them.

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