Rooster and drake?


6 Years
Apr 19, 2013
Eventually we would like to perhaps get a rooster and a drake to start making our own chickens (we have yet to get a flock of either). I had asked about ducks and chickens living in the same coop...if we got a drake and a rooster would that plan go out the window?
In a one word answer 'maybe'. Generally I have had no problem with roosters and drakes sharing the same free range environment. Occasionally a drake will take an interest in the chicken hens, and this is not a good thing. A drake can potentially injure or kill chicken hens if he starts breeding them. As a kid (and that was a LONG time ago) I had a RIR rooster and a muscovy drake that would spar daily. One day when I was not home they got into a knock down drag out fight and the drake killed the rooster. He then started to attack all the other chickens. He died that day too. You can give it a try, but have a plan B in case problems arise.

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