Rooster and Hen Aggression towards another Rooster

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    Jun 16, 2016
    I'm having problems with a hen (Dora) and rooster (Henry) showing aggression towards another rooster (Timmy). We got our first batch of chickens March 2015. We had 19 chickens and something attacked them at night and we ended up with 9 chickens. 6 hens, 3 roosters (Big Ro, Middie, and TImmy). Timmy's leg was injured and now hobbles. But we ended up putting Timmy in our basement to recoup. A few days after the attack our family friend gave us a white rooster (Henry). Big Ro and Middie kept Henry in line. However, when we would bring Timmy outside to join the others Henry would go after him. Big Ro and Middie would protect Timmy against Henry. Big Ro and Middie ended up dying. We are not sure how Big Ro died but something had gotten to him in the middle of the day. Then I caught our dog biting on Middie's tail feathers... (dog does not go around chickens anymore). We brought Middie in with Timmy and he began eatting, pooping, crowing, and walking around so we put him back into the coop outside and allowed him to free range with the other chickens. Over the winter Middie ended up dying. We have kept Timmy inside during the winter. When it started to get nice out again we would put Timmy out. But once again Henry was attacking Timmy and so did a couple of the hens.
    We have been keeping Timmy inside. We got more chickens this March and when the chicks became older we put them in with Timmy (at first we had them divided with a screen). After a time we were able to put the chicks and TImmy together. All is fine. Timmy and chicks were moved into a separate coop outside.
    The older chickens and young chicks are let out separately. They are able to see each other in the coop and walk around. We want the chickens to all live together and free range together.
    Yesterday we were watching the chicks run around in the yard and the older chickens were in the coop. Timmy was by the fenced in area by the coop and he was ruffling up his feathers, standing tall and squawking and Dora was doing the same thing and kicking her claws up at his face... Henry was right there beside her with his feathers all ruffled up. I understand henry showing aggression to Timmy but Dora grew up with Timmy.

    I know it is a long story. Has anyone had anything similar to this? I would like for them to all be together and live in the large coop.

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    [​IMG] Although Dora grew up with Timmy, they have been separated for months and she regards him as a stranger. Henry regards him as competition. It's the pecking order - chicken society can be brutal.

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