Rooster and hen not being accepted in flock

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    Hey yall!my golden brabanter rooster and hen bonnie and clyde [​IMG] arenot being accepted from my other hens a isa brown and 2 leghorns [​IMG]
    They are more peacful then they were 2 months ago but you can tell him an his hen s re the lowest ones they get chased etc. I dont know how old the brabanters are but i believe they are younger then my hens, i dont see him mate and crow and his spurrs look like they will come soon. But recently he has bucked up alittle still runs away but will fluff up and he actually will chase his hen now and show her dominance but doesnt mate.
    [​IMG] he is about the same size as the hens they actually do weigh alittle more but he has longer legs and neck. So any advice of any sort would really help. Thank you :) [​IMG]
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    Most birds raised together stay together, your rooster should eventually mature enough to start being dominant, though I have hens older than my oldest rooster and I never see the older hens mated by any roosters, so it's also possible that they never become a cohesive group, my flock breaks into groups, clutch mates hang with each other. Chicken politics can appear complicated but they do follow rules.

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