rooster and hen question


8 Years
Apr 22, 2011
My 2 year old Buff Orpingtong hen Rosey has always been the dominant hen. We bought 4 chicks this past spring and now they are round 7 months old. We ended up with 2 hens and 2 roos. We had to part with one rooster because they started fighting. So we kept Mr. Jack. He is a Red blue laced Wyanodotte. Rosey has been pushing him around some well not really pushing like I said she has always been the head honcho. I only have 4 hens and the one rooster. So today rosey and mr. jack we fighting and i guess he got the upper hand on her this time. no one got hurt but now she wants to RUN away from him and is scared of him. at bed time he pecked her kinda hard. is all this normal? will she quit being scared of him?

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