Rooster attack!

This is a pic from the next day


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Sorry to here that. We have a Zero Tolerance Policy for animals or pets that draw blood on children. Our 9 year old, beloved cat, bit our babies face when the baby tried to pet her. 2 hours later that cat was at the ASPCA.
In your case, Chicken Soup comes to mind. Coq Au Vin is a Classic for an older Roo...JJ
If you cannot keep child and rooster separated, then it is better to get rid of rooster. I and my kids grew up around around roosters. I spend a good amount of time checking on a roosters' behavior before allowing one close to kids. I also had to teach kids how to behave around chickens and animals in general. Both of my kids have experienced getting flogged by hens with son getting it in the face. In those situations the kids operated out of line with the chicks the hens were protecting. I used to get flogged a lot as a kid because I was always trying new ways to steal chicks from game hens. When it comes to roosters, I prefer a higher threshold to promote attacks. Rooster just going after people, especially kids, without clear provocation such as threatening chicks is not tolerated.

About 3 years of age is when both of my kids got into first altercations with chickens. By five the altercations stopped. We went through a spell where my daughter was scared of a group of about 15 American Dominique cockerels that free-ranged near barn. She was too young to give good account of what happened but based on what was going on at the time, they would try to get her from behind and she would run unless I was close. Then the cockerels would not approach. In that situation only one was likely problem and he was dispatched because simplest correction available to me at the time.

Both kids at 7 and 6 years of age are now very competent around chickens although they have not been exposed to man-fighters that go after just about anyone.
Totally agree with above. As young girls, if one of my three fell, or the Dog knocked them down around me, I gave no more reaction than to look up to verify nothing obviously Broken or Bleeding. The girls would get up, brush off and move on. BUT, If Mom or Grandma, was around and gave the slightest reaction, the Crying and Fussing began.
By Kindergarden, the girls were confident and feared nothing...JJ

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