Rooster attack!


11 Years
May 4, 2009
North Carolina
My BR rooster just attacked me for the 7tt time in less than a week. I want to cull him but no one else wants to. I am the only one getting attacked so they dont know what it feels like so they dont want to kill him. I am sick I tired of getting attacked. He bites me and tries to spur me. And his spurs are over a inch long. I have tried holding him upside down, carrying him around while I work, shooting him with a water gun, and every time he attacks me I smack him with a broom and he just comes right back. The reason he attacks me is because I walk around "his" girls. What in the world do I do?!? Do you think I should cull him?
It makes me so mad that everyone thinks it's no big deal.
I sadly had to do the same for my welsummer rooster. Last year he was so nice but this year her turned into a real snot. I could not eat him though so he is resting in my sisters freezer.
Don't take the chance! Those spurs are filthy and you can get a bad infection from a spurring or even their talons. my husband fought puttign our lasty nasty roo into the pot, but I wasn't goignto get hurt so I won and the rooster was delicous.
I had my rooster in our shed and there are a lot of gas fumes so I took him to a cage I made for a duck down at my coop and I sat him down for a second to get some food and water for him and he came up to me and ALMOST spurred me! I
HATE that rooster! I have a pretty big cut on my leg from him doing that.

I have to younger sisters (5 and 9) and they go in there all the time so it really scares me. I am already making dumplings! lol
Well, he's gone! And now he's in the pot cooking away! lol This is the first rooster we have ever killed so at first it was a little hard but after a few min. I was fine. I helped gut him (my grandma did most of it) and it was kinda cool! lol

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