Rooster attacked 2 days ago, did 1st aid, he's not able to stand up

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    Aug 18, 2011
    I'm a new member. I've been reading the posts on the forum for a while and benefitted from lots of great advice. We got 7 baby Austorlorp hens and a rooster in April. This is the 1st time we have had chickens. This was my granddaughter's idea... she is my partner. I built a tractor that the chichens stay in when we are not at home. We let them out when we are home. On Tuesday, my wife looked out the window and saw the rooster laying in the yard. He was not able to get up. He had been attacked, we are not sure what got him. there is a big wound on his back which we treated according to the advice on this site. We flushed the would with sterile saline solution and applied ointment that has no pain killer in it.

    He needed stitches, instead we superglued the cut together... that actually work quite well.

    We have him in a box in the basement with shredded paper. He is alert, he doesn't seem to want to drink much, he does have a pretty good appetite and he has pooped. I hold him up and try to get him to stand. He can't stand up. He can move both legs and sometime will push with one leg or the other but can't hold himself up.

    I would really appreciate advice. Thanks
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    Jan 26, 2011
    Hi there. I'm no expert, but probably someone will chime in about doing an "exam" on him and basically feeling up and down each leg to see if you feel any breaks. I'm not sure how else you can tell. It's possible that he has just gotten some bruises, sprains, etc that are preventing him from wanting to get up. I say as long as he looks alert, eats, and poops, you should remain optimistic. If the wound was deep, closing it up is usually not a good thing, because it can trap infection down in there. But if it wasn't, should be alright.
    If you search this site for wounds, you will find a lot of information on what might be helpful. You might want to irrigate the area every day or so, not force fluid into the wound, but rinse it over the area, either using the saline or a betadine solution (with warm water so it looks like iced tea), then dry it off and reapply the neosporin. If he can reach it and is pecking it, you might try getting a "chicken apron" (search the for sale section on backyardchickens forum) that is like a cape that covers the back. That will help healing also.
    Plain yogurt (1-2tbsp) mixed with cooked oatmeal is easy to digest and is helpful, along with some extra protein (egg yolks, worms, whatever might strike his fancy). You may also try mixing the yogurt with his regular food, or adding water to the crumbles to help him remain hydrated.
    Best luck to you!
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    Jun 25, 2011
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    Alert and pooping are great! Watch for oozing, pussing, seeping of foul colored fluid, watch for redness and heat coming off of the area. Give him some time to get better a bit and reevaluate the situation. He may stand on his own after healing some. I don't know what else to add, good luck.

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