Rooster Beak broken and bleeding a lot!! please help

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    Apr 15, 2009
    Our 2 yr old plymouth rock rooster had a broken upper beak and it was bleeding. We clipped it with a dog nail clippers where it was broken. That was about 3 hrs ago and it is still bleeding down the front of him. We put on the stop quik (stuff you use for dogs nails) and it didn't help. What should we do? Does Blue Kote do anything to stop it? Please advise.
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    I don't think Blu-Kote will do anything to stop bleeding. I've never had experience with a broken beak, but I have had broken dog nail experience. I'm also a nurse. If it was me, I would put more of the styptic powder on and hold him in my lap for a while with pressure on his beak. I know he'll pull his head away and try to keep you from doing it, but maybe if you could cover his face so he's blind? That might calm him. Just keep pressure over the styptic powder so it can clot. It may start up again tomorrow when he eats and drags his beak on things to wipe it, so you may have to put more powder on. Or it may just stop on its own at that point.

    I hope that helps a little. Maybe someone else out there has experience with this?

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