Rooster Beauty Contest (Weekly)

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Walking my Chicken
Apr 22, 2020
So I have decided the people of BYC have not seen enough beautiful roosters. I am making this (unofficial) contest where anyone can post a pic of their roo, and only their roo (unless it is a friend's :lol:) and they will be entered into a weekly rooster beauty contest judged by the people. You can vote for which rooster you think is the most beautiful by giving it any reaction except 😡. Whichever rooster get the most reactions by the end of the week (we are calling Friday) will be the weekly beauty champ! There is no prize but bragging rights which I will officially (unofficially) grant you! :) You rooster will also get to compete with other weekly champs every month to see who is really the prettiest rooster of them all! Also, if your rooster doesn't get picked one week, you can always resubbmit it fo the next week!


1. You can only submit pictures of your own rooster (unless it is someone who gave you permission lol:)

2. Winners can't submit the same rooster twice.

3. No overly-edited or filtered images—basic editing such as cropping and other subtle changes are allowed.

4. No watermarks, datestamps, text, etc. on the picture.

Have fun!

Here is an article with all of the weekly, monthly, and yearly winners. It will be updated regularly.
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This is Mini, my Old English Game Bantam. This sounds like a fun contest!
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