"Rooster Booster" in my eye!

Knock Kneed Hen

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9 Years
Feb 15, 2010
So. Cal.
Yep, the chicken decided to shake, which I anticipated, and a big blob ended up in my eye. It's mostly all natural ingredients but man-o-man did it burn!!! Took a while to flush the eye out then the skin all around my eye burned. The whole time I'm thinking about the poor chicken that I rubbed this stuff all over (a suspected victim of feather picking). She got some in her eye first and I was attempting to wipe her eye out when I got it in mine.

Does this burn the chicken's skin like a does a persons? If so, it's kind of a cruel product to use. Poor things!!
Sorry about your eye, I hope it feels better soon. Did you wash it out with water? I thought Rooster Booster was vitamins you fed the chicken, not something you put ON them. Could be wrong though, hope you feel better soon.
OUCH!!! I had that stuff on my hands... it's brutal! When it wears off, you stop burning, and your sense of humor returns - you'll get a kick out of a post on my page - addresses feather picking and Rooster Booster specifically -
I SOOO feel for you
I wish I would have read your page BEFORE I decided to try the rooster booster (which you're right about having to apply and re-apply it since I had just done it yesterday too
). I guess I just have to look at this hideous hen for the next 12 yrs. Funny thing is, I have never seen anyone pick her feathers. I have another bird that looks like it's been picked but she's at least growing her feathers back. I was thinking about just putting the picked on hen in a separate cage until she feathers out. What do you think? Here's a pic of my poor hen pecked hen....no, she's not a Naked Neck.

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