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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Mourningdove, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Dec 17, 2008
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    I purchased the surprise pullet special from Ideal and though I am not certain what all they sent I think I have some cochins, white & brown leghorns ect.... I don't know for sure what these are as they haven't gotten all their feathers yet so I have to wait on knowing.
    Neither of my 2 roosters are purebred 1 roo is a black giant/game mix? The other roo is a new hamphire red mix, even though I think they are ok to look at I am begining to think that 1 or both in with all these pure pullets is going to create a sex link mess? Am I right?
    Now I am not looking to show any birds, but I am planning to sell chicks later.
    Now here's what I am thinking......
    I personally would love to have a medium-large rooster full of alot of color and has a great calm personality, is their such a breed?
    If I am going to end up with sex links wouldn't it be smart to get a rooster that could compliment other breeds? Am I making any sence here? Right now my NHR is starting to turn on me and I told hubby I may have to get rid of him if he keeps up. He's a great protector but rough in mating. Actually both my roosters gang up on the ladies to mate at the same time, they take turns while the other help hold the hens. What is everyones thoughts here???
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    gamefowl, beautiful colors, great personalities etc... but you can only have one rooster or at least separate them. Truthfully if you plan to sell chicks.. get roosters that match the breeds of the pullets, or it wouldn't really be any different with the ones you have
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    You just cannot sell them as high as you would for a purebred, but many people will by hens for egg laying, regardless of breed. What you will most likely have trouble sell is the males you wish to cull.

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