Rooster Cannot Poop

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    Hello! I have a 3 year old bantam silky rooster. About a week ago I noticed he had a lot of poop stuck to his butt, but it did not seem like a huge issues. Then, yesterday, I saw him squatting and trying to poop but was not able to. He was making a very sad clucking noise and i could tell he was in pain. He also did not crow in the morning which is unusual for him. I could tell he was in pain so I caught him and soaked him in warm soapy water for about half an hour, hoping the poop would loosen. Upon inspection I noticed that the poop was not stuck to his feathers around his butt, but was actually crusted over his anus. His anus was swollen and protruding. Even after soaking him and applying vaseline in hopes that the poop would loosen up and I would be able to wash it off, this did not happen. It was evident that if I tried to pull the poop off him it would tear his skin and he would bleed. I managed to soak enough poop off that there was a small hole through which he could poop, but there was still a lot of old poop crusted on his anus. He pooped at least twice last night and I was hoping that the problem was solved, but this morning I saw him squatting and making painful clucks again as he strained to poop but could not. Please help me, I don't know what else to try and I am worried he will die if he cannot poop.
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    I would continue the soaks to his bottom daily, and keep prying away at the stuck poo. Lubricate his vent opening with some olive oil or similar. Give him either 1/2 of castor oil, some molasses in his water, or a small epsom salt flush in water. Make sure that he is drinking normally, since dehyddrtaion can cause constipation. Give probiotics or a small amount of plain yogurt 3 times a week. Long grasses stuck in the crop or gizzard can cause a blockage in the digestive tract. Let us know how he gets along.

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