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  1. I currently have 8 Buff Orp hens and 1 rooster in my coop. (LOTS of babies right now in the brooder). The past 2 times I have let the big chickens out of their run to "roam" the rooster has come at me, hitting me with his wings and trying to spur me. Just today, I took some bread up to the pen (picked up some eggs) and he tried to get me again....THRU THE FENCE!!! Is he just being overly protective of his girls? Is there anything I can do to "break" his behavior? He has always been very calm, docile....until the last week or so. I am not so much worried about me, but more about kids, neighbors, etc. Suggestions??[​IMG]

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    Aug 21, 2008
    I hope you find an answer. I had a BO rooster acting the same way this week! He is from last fall and is usually as friendly and sweet as can be, but the other day when I was out treating and collecting eggs, he came after me and wouldn't let up. Hubby finally had to come out, pick him up and talk to him and he was just fine for him. [​IMG] I haven't been out there since to see if he was just having a bad day or what his deal was.
  3. Quote:If he does it to me again, I'm of the mind to take a stick to the top of his head!!! I have no intentions of "eating" any of my birds as some might recommend in this situation....but the boy better learn to behave!!!....or [​IMG]
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    What age is he? Usually, when they get to about 18-24 weeks is when you start to see aggression, if it's ever going to happen. I don't keep roosters who are, frankly, too stupid to realize that I am no threat to their women and want to attack the food and water giver. There are too many sweet ones in this world to have to watch your back when you walk among the flock.

  5. Quote:He is 2 yrs old. I have no idea why he is acting like this all of the sudden.
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    Pick him up by his feet to show him that YOU are the boss. You can also just catch him and hold him for several minutes. It's all about the dominence. If he still doesnt "get" it, get rid of him.
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    That is odd that he just now started showing human-aggressive tendencies, but guess it doesn't matter when, just that he is. Wonder if something happened, a trigger of sorts. Hard to know whats in the mind of a chicken sometimes.

  8. Quote:He has started crowing any time I collect eggs from the coop. Could that be it?
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    haha, I have a sure fire method.. Come at him with No Fear.. (i would wear heavy duty gloves) and grab him, pick him up and hold him upside down for a minute, set him back down and he will never attack you again

    Its all about Dominance. You have to "prove" your more dominate than a little chicken.

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    I have always said that I would not tolerate a mean rooster, but since it was just one time, I will give him a chance. He may have just been having a bad day. Out of anger, I did threaten to have fried chicken for supper though! If the behavior continues, he will have to go (either in the freezer or otherwise). It is actually my son's bird, so I will let him pick an option when the time comes.

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