Rooster/chicken Farm???


6 Years
Aug 12, 2013
Was riding around the area on our motorcycle last weekend and came across something I thought was very unusual. In a field there were 50-100 very small dog house looking pens and there were roosters attached by a cable to each one. They had room to roam around the pen and even able to get on top of it. They were far enough apart so not to fight but I'm not sure what kind of setup that is. Right next to that field was another setup with what looked like cages and in each of those was a chicken. Not sure what all this was. Does anyone know? Thanks, NeeCee
That's exactly what it looks like...While we were there a man shot a couple of them by a barn. I love roosters and chickens so that being said..I don't like this!! Thanks for the information rebelcowboysnb, have a good day!!
The way that man was handling those roosters made me think it was not on the up&up. Hopefully I'm just being too much of a bird lover. And to be honest they are not mine so it is what it is.
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