rooster could be ? EE? or ??????


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Oct 26, 2012

His tail is a dark green he is very pretty standard size but I am getting LOTS of breeds for this guy he seems pretty calm compared to my golden comet roo
I was told he is a Sweater? Looked up that & saw a few that do look like him but also saw other breeds that look like him. I am trying to find out as I have pure breed hens & in spring want to get the right roo with the right hen. For fall & winter I eat all eggs & let them all go what ever way they like but by spring I need the right hens with him
so now I saw this & I have confused myself even more. What should I look for as signs that one belongs to one breed or the other? So far the pretty feathers are not helping. So I know Im looking at it wrong....

This is a black copper maran rooster in this link by the way
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I vote EE, I think. Tail shape, comb shape, and it kinda looks like he had beard/muffs. Body shape is all off for a marans. But body shape kinda reminds me of an OEGB. (but with that comb it would probably be dubbed, not saying it is, but thats definately not a single comb.)

I wouldn't go by color. Especially since EE's come in all colors and thats what you think he could be. That'll just confuse you even more.
He does have big cheeks & a beard so if that is the EE type then I will go back to that. I ordered EEs all pullets but they were only a day old so I know there can be room for error at that age & getting only 1 rooster out of a huge order is not so bad. I did order some Cochin hens as well & Asterlops but I am sure he is NOT even a little cochin lol Thank you for the information I am thinking EE is it as you said he looks like he has the beard/muffs, & he does have a rose comb so I have no idea what that means?

I would take more pictures but shattered my touch screen on the cell & can not find my cord to connect my full camera to the lap top & download all those pictures. Soon as hubby gets here with his cell I can do a real good head shot lol
Here's my EE male to compare to ;)

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