Rooster does an odd head shake


Aug 9, 2019
Central Wisconsin
our 7 month old rooster is a new addition.
He will shake his head and then fluff neck feathers!
I checked for mites during the daytime. No black or white bugs present. Skin looks good.
I wish I could share this odd head bob via video.
He does it once every few minutes.
Some injury on his comb from being in a multi roo home previously.
And if I micmick him in crowing he does it for sure.
I am new at this but it seems kinda odd.
Gonna put some vetrycin on it tonight and check in the morning.
Do roosters head bob as part of their dance?


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Well it looks like the 'girls' have been giving him a rough time. Damage to his comb may be the cause, but in my experience many/most roosters display the action that you describe.
I was curious if that is part of the mating dance, he can see the ladies but we got him fenced off for a bit. Our big red hen already challenged him through the fence. They fluffed up their necks and got real tall!

so what should I expect when they get together? He will mount the ladies but do they squat and make a big fuss. Oh boy I got much to learn about this new dynamics.
He is healthy Rooster and looks great a little banged up from his previous home. The older roosters started to spar.
My rooster dips his head and wobbles it from side to side when he's agitated, like when I get too close to him. He and I came to an understanding a while back and he gives me a pretty wide berth since; the side effect is I have to grab him after dark off his roost if he needs any care.
A friend's rooster does a head shake as part of his courtship dance, and it looks like he's trying to shake sand out of his ears. He's very dramatic.

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