rooster dont mate her


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Jul 1, 2016
Michigan, macomb county
few weeks ago i shared rubber egg story,i followed advice and gave her Nutro vitamins,didnt help
I culled chicken who gave me rubber eggs,she had very weird egg system and her shell gland was creepy
as well
any way i have silver lace wyandote who suppose tobe older year for sure(maybe even two!)i got her from
lady who maybe not honest about age rooster mate all other but this lace one...he dont care about her at all
i have younger rooster as well,but he maybe 6 m and not even crow yet
is something wrong to her?

also... i freed my dogs with raw diet..they love chicken meat(i get at local meat market cheap-frozen) but..they TOTALLY refused to eat this rubber egg chicken! i plucked her and she look fine..but they didnt eat.when i gave few pieces of meat to my chicks-(they love meat and fish)they also refused to eat her meat.....
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Roosters will often not mate hens that aren't currently producing eggs, or are unhealthy, the comb of a bird is used as a visual guide for them to know who's healthy and can currently reproduce or not. Some of my older non productive hens aren't mated.

I would guess there was something wrong with her like perhaps cancer that made the carcass smell off, and only the most hungry of creatures would eat it.

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