Rooster fertility


10 Years
Jun 19, 2009
East Central Indiana
I have a 10 month old orpington that I am questioning his rooster-ness. I am currently incubating the second batch of "his" eggs and fertility is not looking good. Out of the first batch of 21 eggs I only got 6 fertile and ended up with 5 chicks. I don't think it is the bator because I have 14 purchased silkie eggs in with the second batch that are all doing very well so far. I have 25 or so from my flock in there and it appears that only a few of those are doing anything at all. I've seen him mating with a number of the hens and he is the only boy with nine girls. Also, I have a flock of four silkies with one silkie rooster. Those eggs also appear to be doing well in the bator. I know that all the winter conditions may be playing a part in the low fertility but when should I seriously start thinking about replacing my orpington boy?
10 months old is way too soon to give up on him. Some birds just mature slower than others. If I were you, I would start checking random eggs for the bulleye. White dot with a clear circle around it. When more are fertile than not fertile, then he is up to speed. Right now my roo that 17 weeks keeps trying to mate with the back of their heads.
It takes them awhile sometimes.

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