Rooster for Backyard Flock NW Ohio/SE Michigan


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6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
Sylvania, OH
I'm simply on the look out for a nice rooster that I can add to my flock. My daughter has expressed interest in showing at the local fairs, but we are looking for a start off point and the rooster is the only thing we have omitted up to this point. I am not set on breed yet and will probably add hens to breed later, but am looking for something less aggressive as I have smaller children who don't normally bother the chickens we have now.
How old do you want the rooster to be? I am in Zanesville, Ohio and have hatched a lot of birds so far this year and I have too many roosters so I am thinking of rehoming my beautiful sweet chantecler rooster he is a little over a year old, he is a lover not a fighter, and the chicks I have hatched from him have been beautiful but now I have two of his sons that will be maturing soon....

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