Rooster has bleeding tail feathers.

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  1. My Standard Polish rooster has badly broken tail feathers after he was attacked by a fox over a month ago.
    I have treated him with blu-kote and have used stop pick on him. My one hen, an ISA brown will not leave him alone and reinjures his tail to the point of bleeding. I have my rooster locked up in a crate in my coop. Not the most ideal situation, he is very stressed out not being able to be with his ladies!
    Should I pull out the broken tail feathers?? If so?? HOW?
    I don't want to hurt him anymore than he already is!
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    Aug 19, 2014
    Lock up the ISA Brown instead. When a chicken rejoins the flock after an absence, it will have to prove its place in the pecking order all over again.
  3. I thought of that. I will lock her up today. How many days should she be locked up?
    I also had to let Ron back out with the ladies! Poor guy was going bonkers without the girls.
    I still need to know if I should pull out the feathers or just leave them?

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