Rooster has lost his libido :(


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6 Years
Mar 5, 2013
hi everyone!
i'm looking for any information or advice on how to deal with my black copper marans rooster who has not been performing his roosterly duty since the winter. i thought maybe he was not happy being cooped up (he is ~2 and this was our first winter with him), or maybe i wasn't watching them as much and i'be missed seeing any action, but i have not seen him mate anyone since december. we had 15 girls and recently lost 7 to a predator, but now they are all safe and in a secure outdoor run as well as the coop. he was always gentle but now he doesn't feel at all like a rooster (though he still crows) he sleeps in a laying box while the girls are all roosted, and just seems very blase. he did get bad frostbite and still has black ends on his comb. other than that, i have no idea what's going on.
i'd appreciate any advice!

Have you checked the eggs for a bullseye, indicating fertility? Older roosters are much better at mating and I hardly ever see my mature guys doing the deed, but all my eggs are fertile.

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