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May 29, 2016
Hey guys!

I have four Buff Orpingtons that I got under the impression were hens. As it turns out, ALL OF THEM are roosters! My husband is worried we will have to get rid of them because of noise complaints. I personally don't care, as they are extremely friendly little roos, about 3 months old. If I have no hens, are they okay to keep in a coop/field, or will they still fight each other even if they don't have a gal pal to fight over? Advice/opinions please!?
Welcome to BYC!

If no females around, they can get along pretty well.
You won't really know until they reach sexual maturity around 4-5 months.
Same goes with the noise can be charming at first, then quickly become untenable.

Looking at your other posts..... the lone female is now out of the equation?
...and you've given up on eggs?
Thanks for the advice! I eventually want more chickens. The whole purpose was for the eggs. Still waiting a few months to see how this group turns out- everyone around me is chanting roosters! My fifth little gal unfortunately met a dog and is no longer with us :( once I see how these ones mature I'd like to get more BOs, they are addicting!
Yep- the one that looks most hen like is no longer. If they truly are roosters i plan on dividing my field and trying again with some hens.

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