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11 Years
Mar 24, 2008
Maggie Valley, NC
So 5yrs ago I got two chickens, 1 bantam barred rock rooster who grew up to be gentle as a lamb and then 1 bantam barred rock hen who was a bit flighty but bestfriends with the hen.
I went off to college and their area was then very condensed and a lady took care of them. Then last year out of the blue, the hen was found dead lying in her cage. This frusterated me becuz I wanted to know why she died, but I wasnt there so I didnt question it. I still had my rooster:)
Then this year, the lady complained he was getting violent with her so I switched him to a different friends place because I assumed he was getting cranky from not having a ton of area to run around and have a bestfriend. So he went to this place which is basically a farm, and became bestfriends with the hens and donkeys. He has been there but a week and they have enjoyed him, sending me updates and then today she sends me a email saying.
He attacked her yesterday, and her husband this morning. Apparently what he does is jump on the back of their legs and peck. I honestly am so confused because he has never done this before. and of course the first thing she says is:

"get rid of him"
I dont want too, what does that even mean? Does she even think about Like where would I even get rid of him? This is really hard for me being out of town and trying to work with it, because if I was there it would not be a big deal but she is scared of him now.

So what do my chicken experts say? Is it time for me to depart from my buddy? Or what can I do to prevent this from happening?

My take on an aggressive rooster that cannot be trained otherwise is rehoming or freezer camp. I have one that seems to become more and more aggressive with each passing day. I work with him to keep it to a dull roar, but would ship him off to another person if it does't work out.

You are at a disadvantage by not being there to experience this for yourself. Too much dominance in a rooster is something that is commonly reported here.


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