Rooster ID and ranking


May 23, 2022
So Finger Lakes NY
I foolishly started with a Cackle bantam assortment, mixed and egger and an out of stock cancel on a 3rd type.
So out of the 8 survivors (just about 8 weeks) I am going to have a lot of rehoming, but I am also trying to learn how to tell.
So apologies for the held bird, but I can't figure out hackle feathers!
This bird has been identified elsewhere as Wyandotte but as it is the only one of that sort, I can't compare fairly.
There is nothing to figure out about hackle feathers at 8 weeks. Male specific feathering usually doesn't start coming in until 12 weeks. Before that you go by size and color of the comb and wattles. Really thick legs can also be an indicator of a cockerel at that age. From what I see, you have a cockerel. But rose combs can be tricky.
You mean male specific hackles? Cause I have tails a plenty. And they're all hackling at each other all the time. (Tho given my ratios maybe not surprising.)
I did get two cochins and there is a solid difference in combs, at least. Harder to tell from the back end.
This fella is definitely a fella, but don't know if it is a particular sort or a slow feathering egger. He's the defy the odds sickly sort and is in the top of the house polls.

What happens when you keep a male that is in the low middle of the pecking order?
Betty has turned into a Buster and rather a bully. Food motivated is an understatement. Not safe to have freckles or moles round this bird. Would be nice to know if there was a way to promise a nicer bird to go with comical waddle, but currently last in the rankings.
this one retained the daub of an egger, but none of them look or act alike.
I'd like to know what crossed for parentage because while a touch antisocial, very healthy and alert.
Mr Shy has become much more out and about since the dog et his twin.
But we were surprised by the golden edging appearing around the neck this past week and that the rear feathers have aquired a green shimmer
An older one of the last fellow, who was once our whitest chick!
This past week his cheek fluff has come in, and the uniform of the grey is starting to get broken up by some golden tips.
Was the most in everyone's face for a while but has been surpassed by the Cochin. Rumor has it he hopped up on the youngest for a cuddle voluntarily just the other day.

So I have 3 eggers, 1 cochin, 1 dunno and probably a wyandotte.

I can only keep 2, and even then I am a bit low on hens.

With about 6 weeks to decide, what should I be looking for to pick the best keepers?

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