Rooster issues

Donita Raypholtz

May 29, 2017
Hello I'm new to this site and am having issues with my rooster. We ha 12 new hens that are almost 16 weeks andhe is attacking them. I have 5 folders one also. As of right now he's in a pen by himself why is he doing this?
Yes I know what that looks like I've had these 5 hens and rooster for going on 5 years I just got new baby's to replace the one I had previously that got old and passed away he his being Territorial and protecting his flock
Hello there and welcome to BYC!

Sounds like he may be trying to mate with them and they aren't accepting him yet. This could frustrate him enough to attack them. Either that or he just doesn't want them in the flock.

I personally would separate him for a while, keep the young ones in his sight but out of reach. Birds this young can be harmed being mated before they are mature. He can damage their Cloaca's, the flap that opens and closes the opening to the oviduct. Pullets should not be mated until they are laying.

So keep the young ones in sight but separated until they are at least 6 months old. He will probably do much better with them as well.

Good luck with your flock and welcome to our roost!! :)
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The for help I separated him out or a whole day then put him back in must have thought it over he don't like solitary confinement then I put him out of the house in the am before it gets completely light and he let them alone. So far!

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