Rooster keeps attacking


14 Years
Oct 6, 2008
Hello all! Chickens were my idea and I finally talked my hubby into them and now I am petrified to go out to the coop! Everytime my kids or I go out without my DH our RIR roo comes at us as if there is no tomorrow!!!! We let them free range 90% of the time and my brother in law came over to mow because our mower broke and when he was done the the roo tried to attack him for getting off the mower. What can I do?? I wont go into the coop with out some sort of protection......I can go out and as long as I dont take my eyes off him I am good because he doesnt like my broom but as soon as I turn my back or start to walk away I am his target and it hurts!!!!!!

What can I do??? He is absolutely beautiful and I dont want to get rid of him but I do have two other roos and they are VERY friendly. He was friendly as a chick but not any more. we have about 35 hens which are all friendly as well.....I dont want to see him go but my 7 yr old has a scar down the side of his face because he jumped from the top of the nest box on his head and if he hurts my babies again he WILL go!

Please help!!!
If it was me I would get rid of him. You got chickens so you can enjoy them. I had a mean roo and was so glad when he was gone and I could enjoy my girls without having to watch my back every second I was outside.

I will never keep a mean roo again. There are too many nice ones out there.

Also if He hurt your child he has to go. It could of been your childs eye and it could make them scared of all chickens.
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If you have 2 other friendly roos, why keep the mean one?...I had a roo one time that would charge you everytime you went in the pen. I had to carry a big stick. When he charged and flogged my little granddaughter, it was goodbye to him...
Don't wait till he attacks your kids again!!! Your children need to know that they are the most important, and that you WILL protect them. He'd be coyote food for sure if he were mine!
Sounds like soup to me then! Thanks for the advise! We have chickens for meat and chickens for pets so I just kinda felt bad since he was not for meat!

Thanks for the reassurance! I know what I am going to do this weekend!

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