Rooster & Laying hen need a home

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May 18, 2015
I am looking for a home for my rooster and laying hen.

We got the rooster by accident, my son's school did an incubator experiment and he ended with a chick. We tried for one year now to take care of the Rooster and even got him a hen for companion, but because of our deed restricted neighborhood, we no longer can keep him. He is not aggressive and crows only when he needs attention, do not crow very often that's why we were able to keep him for so long. He is going to be one year in three days and the red hen is currently laying daily.

It breaks our hearts to give them up but I think they would be better of on a farm with more land space. Please contact me by email if you are interesting. I also post a picture on Craigs list.

my email is [email protected]

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