Rooster like to chase and try to spur me when feeding

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  1. majicka414

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    Jul 23, 2013
    I've had Hank, my black copper maran rooster since he's been about 6 months old. I got him spring of 2012. He's generally a mild mannered roo, good to the hens and laid back. When he was a little over a year he started bashing me in the back of the legs but only when I was calling them to the coop with food. I went back at him a few times, and he stopped. Lately he's been getting worse- he will chase me to the basement door (where the food is kept), but since I know his tricks I walk backwards/sideways keeping my eye on him and he doesn't do it- the second I turn my back..head down ready to chase. He will also chase/try to spur when I'm taking the feed to the coop to put them in for the night.

    He won't do it to my husband. The back of my legs are extensively tattooed, so we don't know if that's what's setting him off or if he has a mental problem. I can sit next to him outside, I can walk into the run to feed them, I can grab a hen, I can do just about anything else and he's a non issue, but the second he thinks I'm getting feed, the head goes down and he starts chasing me, as soon as I put my foot or hand out at him, he will back off. My husband thought I was overreacting and that he was just giving me the foot like he does to the hens until he saw him do it this weekend.

    Any advice here on what to do with him?
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    Feb 4, 2010
    Roosters are too easy to replace to put up with aggression. He is ready for "freezer camp" I wish you were close to me because I have some gorgeous marans roos right now that are sweet. Of course I am very opinionated on this topic. I have nerve damage so I can't get away from an aggressive roo and we have children come over frequently.

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