Rooster limping

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May 3, 2020
Newbie here...first flock...6 D’Uccles (1 rooster). About 2 weeks ago I noticed our rooster was limping slightly—not real obvious but then I also saw a speck of blood on the ground so I looked at his foot. He had a small injury that I cleaned and dried, then applied hen healer. I couldn’t tell if it was a cut, broken nail(?), broken feather or what. Like I said, I’m inexperienced here but cleaning it and applying the ointment seemed to do the trick. I’ll attach a pic of the foot a day or 2 after treatment. We were away for Thanksgiving and my husband watched over the chickens while we were gone so he wouldn’t be as observant as me. But when we got back on Tuesday I noticed the rooster was limping rather badly and I cannot find any visible reason. He is otherwise acting normal—eating, crowing, active—perhaps slightly less hormonal😜. Any ideas what it could be? I’m going to attach a couple pics of the bottom of his foot. The last pic is the post treatment photo around 2 weeks ago. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice!


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